I have an older house with, in my opinion, difficult fixtures and pipes. Was unable to replace this on my own due to odd pipe length that ended up needing to be cut. Replacement is working perfectly, very happy with the service. Also had an outside faucet replaced by Kindred last summer that went smoothly.

Shannon K.

They were very good. They were there when they were supposed to, they were very good. Super, they were very easy to work with. Friendly and just did a good job. Cleaned up after themselves, did a super job. The workers were very good.

bob W.

We had some issues with our 17+ year old Rinnai On-demand hot water heater. Called numerous plumbing contractors and most were either too busy, didn't work on these type heaters or for whatever reason never returned our call. This was our first encounter with Kindred and they have performed magnificently. We expected a long wait but were pleasantly surprised when an appointment was made available within a couple of days. Jeremy and an associate came out well within the timeframe we expected on the specified date. In fact, we received a call from their office approximately 15 minutes prior to their arrival informing us they were on their way. Apparently, this is standard practice with this business and was much appreciated. Upon arrival, first thing they did was to put cloth booties over their shoes prior to entering our home and once again, we thought it a nice touch. After conducting a thorough check of the unit and explaining the problems and possible solutions, Jeremy sent us two quotes later that day, one for repair and one for replacement. Due to the age of our unit and my own personal neglect of not servicing the heater as required over the years, we opted to replace it. We set up an appointment for the work and as before Jeremy arrived precisely on time, slipped on his shoe coverings and got right to work. We should also mention he placed floor coverings down the stairway to the basement and into the laundry room where the heater is located. We were very impressed with Jeremy's work ethic, professionalism and willingness to explain exactly what he was doing. Moreover, he completed the work ahead of schedule and advised us that a two- year service commitment for our heater was included and they would automatically schedule the first visit for next year. We have to say the customer service, professionalism and respect for our property by Jeremy and this company in general, exceeded our expectations and was absolutely outstanding in every aspect! Based on our experience with Kindred we would absolutely recommend this company to anyone hoping for a quality experience.
Very Respectfully,
Mark and Karen Schaefer

Mark Schaefer

When I say that this is the place for all your plumbing needs, I mean it. They quickly identified my issues and were able to come behind other technicians at other companies here in Great Falls that couldn't fix the job. Ultimately they had to swap the entire water heater and they did it incredibly fast before the holidays and it runs so much smoother. My experience was fantastic, truly. The whole team was phenomenal and Doug the technician overseeing the process is one to rely on. Thank you Kindred plumbing!

Joshua Williams

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. A+.

Krista Freeny

So grateful for Kindred's professional support during my weekend "mini crisis ". First of all, much to my surprise, the phone was answered by a live person on a Saturday! -Huge relief for a grandma in the middle of winter, who's heater went out right before the grandsons arriving for a weekend stay.
Bob, was genuinely polite and reassuring when he answered my call. He let me know he was on a job, but would be able to arrive in about two hours. While waiting, all kinds of scenarios of huge fees, hours of repair, or totally needing to replacing my older furnace ran through my head. When Bob arrived -he did a little trouble shooting, then explained what thought could be the problem to my husband. In about two minutes, I heard the warm air blowing through vents. Thank you for your quick response on a Saturday, your knowledge and professional customer service! Will definitely recommend! Happy Grandma.

S Smith

Responsive on a Sunday. Their on-call HVAC tech was able to get my system diagnosed and fixed in a very short time

Justin Smith

You are the best in knowledge and customer service , your technician was very courteous and knowledgable and was so appreciated on Christmas morning!

Deb Ammondson